Monday, October 21, 2013

Holy $*@*, I'm On Neil Gaiman's Tumblr!

Like the title says: Holy @#&$, I'm on Neil Gaiman's Tumblr!

I'm a big fan of both Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, mostly because a) they make awesome art and b) they actively encourage others to make awesome art. So when one of their friends held an art contest for All Hallow's Read, I talked my fabulous photographer, Marli, into holding a special shoot.

Three hours, ten mosquito bites, and a lot of editing later, these were the results:

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There were some other great shots, but I thought these ones turned out the most "Halloweeny." Even though it's October Korea is still quite warm and green, which was a bit of a disadvantage.

So yes, I am the model in the photos. I probably should have mentioned Marli by name in the submission, but I honestly didn't think the pictures would get much traction. If you like her work, this is her Facebook page.

Didn't win the contest, but still--Neil Gaiman's tumblr!


  1. I knew internet fame would be yours some day :)

  2. Belated acknowledgement of Internet fame. If I kept up with Tumblr I would have known a week ago...

  3. Oh. My. Gods. The dogs for miles are holding their ears due to the squee that just happened. And probably cats, too. This is pretty damn AWESOME!!!

  4. Ooo Congratulations. Nice shoot. I love the idea of the first photo especially.