Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On the Subject of Graveyards

I live in Korea, where graveyards are far less elaborate than in the West. Tombstones aren't all that common, and statues are unheard of. Usually, a Korean graveyard is a series of mounds, like this one:

Here's a very fancy one, more elaborate than any of the graveyards I've visited:

My favorite Korean graveyards are the familial plots. Very frequently, on a hill or in the middle of a farm, you'll see a just a few well-tended mounds. One plot I lived near was accessible by hiking trail, and its entrance was framed by an arch of green, twisted pine branches. I used to call it the "Alice in Wonderland" graveyard.

By contrast, for my first manuscript, All the Gods' Children, I chose a very large, exquisite, and famous cemetery: Boston's Forest Hills Cemetery. This cemetery is 275 acres and filled with impressive statuary:

In All the Gods' Children, Forest Hills Cemetery is a secret ghoul city where witch-hunters bring their victims to be executed. That part I made up.

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  1. You don't actually "know" what is under Forest Hills Cemetery - there could be a ghoul city there. I, for one, welcome our new flesh-eating overlords...