Thursday, April 25, 2013

On the Subject of This Blog's Name

Want to hear a cute story?

My fiance was a member of the SCA for over a decade. (For those of you who don't know, the Society of Creative Anachronism is a medieval-history recreation society with branches all over the world. Judging by Linus's stories, their primary aim is to hit each other repeatedly with very heavy sticks, after which they drink copiously. It sort of makes me want to join. But I digress.) Because Linus spent so many years in the SCA, he is intimately acquainted with various forms of medieval weaponry.

So about four years ago we somehow got on the subject of nicknames, and Linus promptly said that he thought a great nickname for me would be Bec de Corbin. Bec de Corbin means "Beak of the Crow" and refers to the medieval weapon pictured below:

Now, some girls might be offended by being compared to a brutal death-dealing device. I was tinkled pink, as Linus had known I would be (that is why I am marrying him). Ever since then, my Valentine's Day presents have been addressed to "Bec de Corbin."

Eventually I started using Bec de Corbin as an Internet name. When I decided to start blogging again,  I wanted to do so as Rebecca, so that people could connect my blog to my Facebook profile and my writing. However, I also wanted to include some reference to the name I've grown so fond of. Hence, "From the Crow's Beak."

Now you know.

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  1. The bec de corbin was one of my favorite weapons in tabletop gaming, but I found that it didn't work terribly well in SCA combat - not enough striking surface. Still, they look really cool sticking up over the heads of an advancing horde...